OrigenAE Technology

OrigenAE is a specialized ultra high end Computer Component manufacturer. We are innovative and consistently push the boundaries of both technology and design. Our products are finely engineered to the highest of standards and the quality is the finest you can find in the Computer Component field.
Our products are focused around high end gaming and Home Theater PC systems, we develop new products that provide added experience, usability and flexibility is core to our success.

We were established as Uneed International in 2000 and in mid 2005 we re-branded as OrigenAE technology and have rapidly grown into the worlds leading HTPC enclosure producer.
We are led by a team of engineers that are driven by design and quality midset.

We were one of the first companies with the vision of producing high end HTPC chassis that aesthetically recreate the look of high end audio visual equipment, allowing the pc to leave the office and fit effortlessly into the living room environment.

Our mission is to develop the exciting pioneering products that can provide you with a high quality experience to assist you to learn, work, play or relax with our premium grade technology.

We are driven by the passion to produce exceptional products that break the boundaries of aesthetic beauty and technological limitations.
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